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Julian Bortolami  is a naturally gifted Psychic Intuitive who received the his abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance from his mother, Lauren Bortolami Robbins.  Julian has been able to read other peoples energy since a very young age and at the age of sixteen years old began reading clients who were waiting to see his mother, Lauren, for sessions.  Clients later remarked to Lauren that her son was quite gifted often matching some of the same information she told them, even though both the mother and son were sitting in seperate rooms. Lauren has been training Julian throughout his whole life about the spiritual world and professionally to read clients that seek out answers to compelling questions they need to know.  Julian is the son of Lauren Bortolami Robbins, a tested and endorsed psychic, medium, author, and spiritual teacher who is featured on many professional directories.


At the young age of two years old Julian began seeing into the spiritual realm, not because he had double vision like his mother,  but because he had a gift to see spiritual forms in their house that his mother could also see. Night after night, Julian would inform his mother while she read books to him that a woman was watching them in his bedroom.  Lauren was aware of the presence but was shocked that young Julian was able to describe the womens appearance, personality, and that she was just "visiting".   The information was later confirmed by a neighbor that a woman had passed away in the home and everything Julian said was true.


As Julian grew up  he was always intrigued by his mothers work when she opened a practice in 2006.  Julian's gifts began to grow as a psychic and he and his mother would have the same visions, complete eachothers sentences, and always picked up spiritual presences whereever they went. As a teenager, Julian couldn't talk about his gifts to anyone but knew he had the support of his mother and was not alone.  Now as a young man, Julian wants to help others with his gifts and is following the path of his mother Lauren,  and offers Psychic Intuitive Sessions over the phone and at his mothers business,  The Spiritual Path with Lauren Bortolami, 66 West Street, Mansfield, MA by appointment only.  Julian's hours are select week days from 12 to 4pm and for phone readings 5 to 7pm EST.  Make a reservation for Julian's readings on the reservation tool or call 508-339-8111.  No refunds are given on readings performed.   For Julian's rates and contact information,  please click here.

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